Peaceful Thailand

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Thailand is such a beautiful place to go where you can enjoy the beach in its purest form. A few tips for your trip to Thailand is to buy a SIM card there for your phone, avoid bringing too much clothes as most clothes you bring will be too heavy for Thailand weather, and don’t worry too much about accommodation because you’re sure to find some cheap places to stay on arrival.

Besides the overwhelmingly beautiful beaches you can also visit Thailand’s largest swimming pool if you just want to relax by a pool. It is in Sofitel Krabi which is located 30 minutes from the town itself. The pool has a special entrance for certain rooms which allow their guests to go directly to the pool.

Tup Island and Railay beach are some of the most famous beaches in Thailand. When the tide is low in Tup Island a pass opens to a neighboring small island that you can simply walk to with a little water around your feet. Railay beach is one of Thailand’s most beautiful and popular beaches. You’ll need to go by boat due to the surrounding rock but once you go the beauty will take your breath away. There’s also rock climbing at the beach if you think swimming is too easy and want a more challenging activity.

Emerald cave is another major attraction where you seem through a body of water to come up on the other side to find yourself on a beach inside a cave. How cool is that? Trang is a famous city in Thailand best known for its cuisine. From a famous meal called Dim Sum to the Night Market which contains everything from fresh fruits to cakes and even fresh sushi. Trang also has a beach called Koh Kradan which isn’t very well known so is quieter than other beaches and has fewer tourists. The beach itself isn’t as big as other ones but it’s still as magical.

A trip to Thailand is a necessity for anyone who loves beaches and enjoying looking at the horizon. The city will also enrich you with many experiences which include the local cuisine and the different cultures. There are also a variety of beaches to choose from depending on your preference whether you prefer to sit down enjoy some peace away from the noise of the world or whether you prefer a beach which has multiple activities that challenge you.

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